Sites for Android Betting

Ever since Android launched its open source software into the mobile market it’s been a huge hit worldwide. Due to its immense popularity and the massive number of smartphones and tablets that are powered by this operating system, the demand for mobile betting has increased dramatically and today, almost all of the top American-friendly sportsbooks feature Android betting. Whether it’s an app that you can download or the chance to bet in-browser at an Android optimized site, Android betting has changed the face of wagering and made it even easier to bet when you like, where you like.

To make it even easier for you to find the best Android betting sites we bring you America’s best, all under one virtual roof. At you’ll find the premium US-friendly mobile betting sites catering for this OS along with interesting articles and other information that will improve your betting experience. If you are new to the world of mobile betting we can help get you started, and if you have experience in betting on the go you can benefit from learning more and improving your techniques, as well as checking to see whether when you wager, you’re doing it with a site that’s rated as one of the best.

Convenient Android Bets

Online betting opened new doors for sports fans but with mobile betting a whole new way to wager has come about. You don’t need to be seated at your computer to place a bet, nor do you need to rely on getting in before the cut off time arises, you can simply whip out your phone or tablet and place your bet anywhere and at any time.

Flexible, versatile and convenient, Android betting is an excellent option for anyone with a busy lifestyle and in addition to actually betting, you can check stats, compare odds and glean all the information you need before you wager whilst on the move. Android betting saves you time and makes your wagering experience more rewarding, as well as ensuring that you never miss out.

Android Betting Opportunities

With Android betting being a favorite choice of many Americans the caliber of sportsbook that caters to this OS has improved dramatically. Developers have made sure that the betting interfaces run seamlessly on a host of different Android powered devices and techniques like responsive design ensure that user-friendly navigation and features are always available. Apps and mobi sites that cater for android have been especially designed to provide American bettors with the best possible betting opportunities and absolutely nothing has been lost in the translation from computer-based betting to mobile.

Selecting an android betting site shouldn’t have to be a chore and with so many incredible options available here you can rest assured that you can wager on local leagues such as the NBA, NFL and NHL, big games like the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup and a host of other exciting options. International betting on sports, races and current event is also readily available; and you’ll be spoilt for choice at the top rate American-friendly mobile betting sites we suggest.