Online American Cricket Betting

Although not as popular as American classics like baseball, hockey, basketball and football, cricket is enjoyed all over the world and actually does have quite a loyal fan base in the United States. One of the most exciting aspects of this game for spectators is being able to bet on it – there are all sorts of different outcomes to try and predict. With online wagering being so convenient and offering so many markets, you really owe it to yourself to try cricket betting. We recommend you start with our guidelines here.

Cricket was around before the sixteenth century, but this is when it became really popular after being kept alive by Saxon and Norman children. It has been played internationally since 1844, and games were officially recorded for the first time in 1877. Since then cricket has benefited from several refinements and it is now known and enjoyed I every corner of the globe, America included.

Today there are three forms of cricket that are played: Test matches over five days, One Day Internationals with fifty overs in one day and Twenty20 games. These Twenty20 games are breathing innovative new life into the game, and are played in an Indian Premier League where they originated and in a special new World Cup. Each of these three variations offers great cricket betting, so make sure you take careful note of the two wagering categories we have described below.

This is the most popular way to bet on cricket matches in the online betting sites in America and the rest of the world. The most common bets are the Draw or No Draw wagers, because they provide bettors with a little bit of security. If the game ties, these bets are returned to you, meaning the risk is lower and making these wagers a great place to start you cricket punting career. You can also speculate on who will take the most wickets as Top Bowler or who will score the most runs as Top Batsman, as well as o other creative bets like who Man of the Match will be. Because cricket is such a detailed game, there are many areas to discover and bet on, and you are sure to enjoy the journey. Be sure to check bowling and batting statistics, and straight up odds for Test matches, before you actually put any money down.

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Live Cricket Bets

These are in-play bets that are placed in real time as the action unfolds, meaning you can check what happens and adjust your strategy to compound your wins or recoup your losses. Common live wagers at American-friendly online betting sites include player runs, total team runs and total test match session runs. The method of next dismissal wagers are also popular and allow you to punt on the way the next wicket will fall. These involve rewarding evaluation into a bowler’s strategy. You can also predict the number of sixes in a game, name Top Batsman and Bowler and say how many runs will occur in a set of overs. Stay alert and make betting changes as you need to.

Polish Your Betting to Perfection

Cricket and cricket betting can be truly fascinating and rewarding, and once you have tried yourself you will want to spend time refining your wagers and your understanding. Check out the great online American-friendly sports betting sites we have reviewed to start doing just that!