Online Horse Betting USA

America is a nation of sportsmen, and part of that is about being a betting one as well. The enthusiastic punters in our country have always enjoyed putting money down on all kinds of sports events, especially on horses which is one of the country’s oldest betting arenas. With today’s modern technology, online betting has brought the pleasure of horse betting to many more people. Besides being so convenient, online American-friendly betting sites offer far more markets and wagering options. To make sure you get the most from your online experiences punting on horses, read our guidelines below.

This probably sounds a little obvious, but it is important enough to say again. If you understand the moves you can make at online American-friendly sportsbooks, you can combine this with what you can find out about the competing horses and any tips you come across, as well as your own instincts, to make horse betting decisions that you feel happy with.

The simplest bets, and a great place to start, are the Place and Win bets. Here all you need to do is say which horse will come in second or third place and which will win. An Every Way bet combines the two. As you gain confidence, you may want to explore the many exotic bets on offer such as Exactas and Quadrellas, or to run several punts over different events in a single Multi bet such as a Treble or a Parlay. These combine all your odds and bets on one ticket. It is more challenging because each bet has to win for you to be paid out, but all odds are multiplied together so your potential rewards also increase. The last thing to look out for is a tempting event-specific bet. These are usually very unique and just as lucrative.

Take as much factual information into account as you can when making any horse betting decisions. Horses and jockeys work as a team, so research them equally thoroughly. As a starting point, check the win/loss percentages, name and number and winning or losing streaks. Keep your eyes open for any other relevant information you come across as well, such as horse racing tips on track conditions. Factor in every piece of information you can when placing wagers at online American-friendly betting sites.

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Weigh the Horse Betting Odds

After you’ve gathered all the information you can, consider the odds on the race. Backing a sure thing at an online betting site in America or anywhere else will pay you out something, but usually not a lot. Conversely, backing a long shot is much riskier but can yield great rewards. Check the odds against your confidence in the horses, based on what you know.

Available Betting Bonuses

Most of the online American-friendly betting sites reviewed here offer superb bonuses and other promotions, such as Match Deposit Bonuses, which can really maximize your betting power and winnings. Check event-specific deals for your race and general offers when you place your bets, so that you choose the ones that benefit you the most.

Listen to Your Instincts

We’d never encourage you to let emotional reactions govern your horse betting decisions, but there is definitely a place for acknowledging your intuition and thorough research combined with real insight packs a powerful punch. If you are ready to start developing this skill set for yourself on horse races, visit some of the great online American-friendly betting sites reviewed here.