Online Cycling Betting USA

In America, cycling betting has been popular for a long time and the remote sportsbooks of today make it more varied and convenient than ever before. You can research all competitors, check results and place wagers easily from your home or office or, with mobile technology, from wherever you happen to be. We want to make sure you take full advantage of these great opportunities, and have a great experience each time you bet on cycling events online. That’s why we have put some guidelines together for you here.

We recommend using the European Grand Tours to get really comfortable with the ins and outs of cycling betting online in America. You will be exposed to every kind of betting opportunity, and can carry what you learn on to all other cycling events. These events, the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España, are all over twenty-one days and present riders with every challenge you can think of, so by watching them you can gain insight into cycling races too.

The options for betting on cycling events at the online American-friendly sportsbooks reviewed here are quite varied. When you are starting out, you may want to stick to predicting the stage or race winner in straight bets, or try a head to head wager where you need to say which of two riders will be ranked higher at the end of a race or stage.

As you gain more insight and your confidence grows, you may want to branch out into exotic punts and event-specific eagers, like the Polka Dot Jersey that is awarded in the Tour de France. Also called the King of the Mountains, this award goes to the rider who outperforms everyone else in mountainous terrain. You can also enjoy the trill of live betting when you feel ready. No matter how far you progress, there will always be a cycling bet to match your experience and skill.

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Tips For Betting on Cycling

Betting on cycling races is quite an art form, and you will refine your own style over time. As you begin at the online American-friendly sportsbooks recommended here, we have some basic pointers for you.

Firstly, manage your bank roll carefully. Predicting winners is always tough in cycling punts, and your best chance of playing the long game and getting decent returns is to back stage winners with small bets so that the stakes are spread across many riders.

Secondly, find out as much statistical and factual data as you can about the riders, such as their recent performance history in different terrains and at different altitudes. Once you have as many performance facts as possible, start looking for other information. Cycling is a team sport, and the best game plan has been found to be to ride for the most points and stage wins, so make sure the team of your candidate plans to do this. You should also pay attention to weather reports, because different conditions can really influence a rider’s performance.

Go for a Spin

Cycling betting is definitely challenging, but the potential payouts are as impressive as the risks. With some well-invested time spent punting and researching prospective cyclists, the American-friendly online betting sites reviewed here will reward you very well.