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Visiting the track has been a well-loved American pastime for many years, but today’s modern world makes many demands and it’s not always possible to do this. For many enthusiasts, remote betting has been the ideal solution. You can place wagers from the comfort of your own home, or from anywhere you happen to be with a mobile device. We want to help you get the most from every online racing betting experience you have, which is why we have put together some guidelines for you.

The online American-friendly racing betting sites that we review here allow you to punt on all sorts of different racing events, each with their own risks and rewards. The proud heritage of horse racing betting goes all the way back to the 1600s in the United States, and it is as popular now as it has ever been. National events like the Kentucky Derby and the rest of the Triple Crown races are particular favorites. Harness racing, where trotters and pacers go against each other and have to move at a specific gait, is another great area to investigate.

For a change of pace from the horses, we strongly recommend checking out the superb greyhound racing opportunities available to you on the sites we review. Waiting for the results of these breakneck chases is really thrilling, especially in the rare instances that a hound does capture a lure. Although usually down to a mechanical fault, it can definitely make things more exciting.

Finally, for a break from all animal racing, you can go for a spin on the motor racing circuit. NASCAR spectaculars are readily available for punting on, and there are many more to discover including races and rallies from all over the world. You can even put money on events that involve other motorized vehicles like boats and bikes, so keep exploring, discovering and evolving.

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Possibilities for Betting on Racing

Besides there being such a great range of racing markets, there is also a wide range of betting options for races at the trusted online American-friendly sportsbooks reviewed here. Researching all contenders thoroughly is simple with the Internet, and you will soon know what kind of wagers work best for you. Whatever level your punting is at, there are great racing betting options available, from the very simple to the very exotic. Best of all, with the different racing types having different seasons; you will never find yourself without an exciting race to bet on.

Racing Online Betting Sites

Online racing betting will really get your adrenalin pumping and the potential rewards it offers are hard to beat. We have only been able to scratch the surface of what racing wagers can offer, but we hope we have given you some sense of the thrills that lie ahead when you visit the online American-friendly online betting sites we review here and put money down on a race. If we have managed to whet your appetite, we encourage you to start investigating the different racing categories for yourself today!