Online Super Bowl Bets

The National Football League (NFL) in America is an established and respected institution, and maintains stringent football standards that allow spectators and punters to enjoy safe, world-class entertainment. Any NFL game is a treat for football fans, but the highlight of the calendar is definitely the Super Bowl.

Having money riding on any event adds excitement, so Super Bowl betting will really take you to a whole new level of thrills. The online American-friendly sportsbooks reviewed here offer amazing deals and promotions on the event, and we want to help you get the very best from them. To do this you need to understand the basic punting options open to you on Super Sunday, which is why we’ve explained them below.

These simple bets do not involve point spreads, and the only thing you have to do is predict which team will lift the Lombardi trophy. The online American-friendly betting sites that we showcase tend to use American odds, so the positive version of a number is given to the underdogs and the negative version is given to the favorites.

For example, if the weaker team has a +200, the stronger team will have a -200. These translate into 1/2 and 2/1 odds respectively. If your bet on the long shot wins you will be paid out $2 for every dollar that you bet, while a winning bet on the sure thing will pay out $1 for every two that you put down.

Like moneyline bets, these are very simple and a great place to start your Super Bowl betting career. Researching both wagers is easy, and most online American-friendly sportsbooks charge a very small percentage for allowing you to place them.

As with moneyline wagers, a positive version of a number is awarded to the weaker team and a negative version is awarded to the stronger. In this case the number is known as the spread and is awarded in the form of a score, which means the favorites begin the game with a handicap to equalize the field. If you have bet on the expected victors, they will need to clear the spread before you are paid out.

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Total Bets

In these bets, also called over/under wagers, you need to say whether you think the total final score will be over the prediction at your online sportsbook, or under it. As bets go they’re quite easy, and are one of the more popular choices at most of the American-friendly online betting sites we review. If you have reason to think the score will be especially high or low, they’re a great choice.

Propositional Bets

Prop bets are only available for special events, so of course there are always several available for Super Bowl betting. They are usually in the form of one of the wagers described above, and involve very specific occurrences. You can put money on legitimate future outcomes such as who will score the first touchdown, but they are also traditionally a way for punters and online American-friendly betting sites to have a little fun. Don’t be surprised if you find a bet involving the color of Gatorade that will be poured over the head of the winning team’s coach!

Start Super Bowl Betting

As an American, you are sure to be watching the game anyway, so why not enhance your enjoyment with some Super Bowl betting? Our reviews will help you find the best online sports betting sitesfor you, and have you immersed in no time.