Online Golf Betting

Golf has been considered quite an elite sport in the past, and was definitely favored by the wealthy and privileged. Luckily, today this great sport is much more accessible to people, whether you want to play it, watch it or bet on it. This is partly down to younger people getting more involved, and partly because of technological advances. First television brought the game into many more homes, and now online American-friendly sports betting sites have done the same with punting on the game. You can place wagers from the comfort of your own home, or on the go from anywhere with wireless handsets.

Golf actually demands a lot of skill, with the ball being hit in very precise directions to very precise distances. Besides technical expertise, players also need to master their mental state –just one moment of weakness can cost a leading player the title, and by the same token staying strong can win the trophy for the underdog. With so many elements in play, golf betting is always an enjoyable exercise for the thinking punter and is an art that evolves over time. To start developing your skills, read our pointers below.

You will have several options available to you when betting on golf games at the online American-friendly sportsbooks that we review here. You can start by simply predicting the overall winner of a tournament, or the players who will make the cut. As you gain more experience and confidence you can also try saying who will finish where, and there are match-up bets which are always rewarding.

These match-ups are a great way to beef up your bankroll, and are not as challenging as other predictions can be which is what makes them so popular. All you need to do is choose between two players who are matched up against each other, and say which one you thin will be ranked higher at the end of a tournament. Seasoned bettors will advise you to put most of your funds here, because the small amount of research you need to do to choose well is very easily managed.

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Before you actually decide what bets to place on golf games, you will need to decide which of the online American-friendly golf betting sites you should visit. We highly recommend that you register at several, so that you can compare them and choose the one offering the best odds and deals on any given day. Sites usually offer punts on all major tourneys, and some more specialized sites offer less common events as well. Choose the ones that deliver the smoothest experiences and options and events that you are most interested in.

Enjoy Placing Online Golf Bets

When you begin your adventures into this world, golf and golf betting might seem deceptively simple. Their allure lies in the fact that they can be as easy or as complicated as you want them to be, and as your skills, knowledge and preferences develop the punts will meet you where you are. For the sophisticated visitors to American-friendly online betting sites, the blend of luck, skill and human elements that grows along with you is totally irresistible.